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Most diet plans are so restrictive that people are constantly seeking substitute foods that can rid them of their cravings for certain tastes and textures that they miss out on while they are dieting. In the case of the Medifast diet, people on this regime also find themselves asking if there are any Medifast substitutes that they can use for any of the pre-packaged foods under this line of diet meals.

While Medifast provides a complete line of healthy and delicious meals that range from eggs, shakes, bars, oatmeal, soups, fruit drinks, and cappuccinos, among many others, dieters, out of habit, continue to inquire if they can substitute any of these meals for something else. This is only asking for trouble – and total ineffectiveness of the Medifast diet.

The Medifast line of meals have been specially created by medical professionals to contain just the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients to keep the body healthy while speeding up the metabolism to aid in weight loss. Substituting these specially prepared, and tasty meals, would mean throwing out all the many tests that doctors and dieticians subjected these meals to in order to find the perfect formula to help you lose weight.

It will be to your best advantage to follow the diet to the letter to help you gain the results you want. Often, substitution of ingredients or parts of any diet will only cause people to become frustrated and eventually negative when they end up not losing weight as planned. The only way you can reach your goal in your diet plan is not to use any Medifast substitutes. You will lose all that weight in no time if you stick to the plan.

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Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes!
"Medifast Ready-to-Drink are nutritious shakes that fit into your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. These shakes travel with you anywhere, anytime. Servings per box: 1 " 
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Medifast 4-Week Variety Packages!
Medifast 4-Week Variety Packages are an easy, economical way for you to order our most popular Medifast Meals. They contain the exact number of Medifast Meals for you to use in your 5 & 1 Plan for 28 days. 143 Medifast Meals.
Tasty Medifast Bars !
Medifast Bars are a long-time favorite of our customers. Medifast Bars are perfect for a late morning or early afternoon meal. These nutritious bars give you the variety and convenience that your lifestyle demands, with the nutritional excellence that your body needs. Servings per box: 7
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