10 Signs Your Body Alerts You Something Is Wrong!

When our body shows some signs, it means that something is happening. We need to make sure to improve the condition so that we could have a balanced health. In this article, we’re going to present you 10 signs that are showing you that you need to visit a doctor because something is happening. Pay attention to them:

Dry skin

Dry skin is usually a sign of vitamin E deficiency. In this case, you need to intake more nutrients like oily fish, but also cook your food with oils which are vegetable.


Brittle hair and nails

These are symptoms connected with calcium and vitamin B deficiency. You need to intake plenty of milk, potatoes, legumes, sprouted grains as well as whole grains as a part of your everyday nutrition.


Salty food cravings

In case you crave for salty foods frequently, you might have some infections or inflammations in your urinary or reproductive system.


Sweet food cravings

Cravings for sweet food usually show nervous system exhaustion. You should intake more glucose but in the right form like dark chocolate and honey.


Raw food cravings

In case of cravings for raw food, you may have a liver problem or gastritis. Try to consume more raw foods and you’ll relieve stomach cramps and your stomach will calm down.


Sour food cravings

Cravings for sour food usually mean liver or gallbladder problems. Try to eat more cranberries and lemons.


Seafood cravings

If you feel like you need to eat more seafood, you may be deficient in iodine.


Dry skin on the elbows

This kind of a dry skin is usually connected to vitamin C and A deficiency. Intake more carrots, lemons, pumpkin, oranges and apricots.


Leg cramps, irritability, or insomnia

If you feel all of the 3 symptoms, you may lack magnesium or potassium in your body. They are mostly present in leafy green vegetables like kale, Swiss chards, cabbage, nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and linseed.


Bleeding gums

In case of gums which are bleeding frequently, you may be deficient in vitamin C. This vitamin which is extremely important for our health is mostly present in grapefruit, lemon as well as other citrus fruits and garlic.

10 Signs Your Body Alerts You Something Is Wrong!

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