1. What Is Fart Exactly?

Fart is caused by gases trapped in the body for some reason. This gas can be trapped in the air swallowed while eating or drinking, the gas leaking from the blood into the intestines, or the gas produced by chemical reactions in the intestines.

59% of a typical fart is nitrogen, 21% is hydrogen, 9% is carbon dioxide, 7% is methane and only 4% is oxygen.

The fart sound is actually the vibration created in the rectum, the last part of the colon, by the release of gas from the place where it is trapped. It might sound like there’s no smell in it. The height of this sound may vary depending on the pressure above the gas and the strength of the astringent muscles in the body.

2. Why Does Fart Smell Bad?

The richer your feed, the worse your fart smells. Foods such as sodas, eggs, cheese, beans and cabbage contain more sulfur than others. In short, when you consume these things, it is not surprising that your fart will reach your next-door neighbor.

3. An Average Of 14 Farts Per Day

A person fart an average of half a litre a day, and although they do not agree, women who fart the same frequency as men are also in this average. In fact, a study of women and men who consume the same food has shown that women tend to have more intense and stronger fart than men.

But it’s a strange fact that a person can fart for a long time and produce the same amount of energy as an atomic bomb. 

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