15 Signs Of a Sad Person Hidden Behind a Happy Smile

As humans, we never really want to show our emotions. It makes us really vulnerable. So, we say ‘I’m fine’ without revealing much. Unhappiness can come from many reasons – finances, relationships or mental issues. While you can feel the positive vibes sent by a joyful person, an unhappy person is difficult to detect. These are some signs which an unhappy person might show:

1. Self-esteem issues

When a person is lacking in confidence in oneself and has issues with self-esteem, they might not be happy. Self-esteem issues creep into other parts of their life and it makes them fail in opportunities as well. This makes them unhappier.

2. Being Angsty

As a teenager, we tend to get angsty at everything. We hate the world. But as adults, unhappy people tend to project their unhappiness on to the world around them. They blame everybody else for their unhappiness.

3. Being irritable

As adults, we have better ability to control our emotions. But when it comes to unhappy people, they break when they come across a stressful situation. They can easily snap at any small mistake and start shouting.

4. Being Indifferent

Knowing that you are unhappy is terrible. So, the best way that unhappy people choose to deal with it is by not acknowledging their emotions. They’ll often say ‘I don’t care’ and keep themselves indifferent.

5. Not connected to anyone

Just as unhappy people suppress that feeling, they also disconnect themselves from others. They might dwell on different kinds of thoughts and try to avoid being among friends. If they are pushing you away, understand they are hiding something.

6. Not giving in efforts

When you are unhappy, you are drained of all your vital energies. What do you do when you are exhausted? That’s how unhappy people feel all the time. They have no energy left to put in an effort to work on themselves or participate in any other external activities.

7. They are afraid

We are all afraid of something. The future is uncertain but we still take risks. But an unhappy person is really afraid to take risks. They are sure that every outcome will always be bad. Fear has taken over their mind.

8. They are jealous

Jealousy is a bitter feeling. We don’t want to pull other people down. But people who are unhappy with themselves do this all the time. Since they lack control of their life, they try to badmouth other people and their achievements.

9. They need to stay busy

Working is fine but overworking can be a symptom of unhappiness. As they don’t confront their feelings, unhappy people may try to keep themselves busy and ask for more work. It’s the way they try to overcompensate themselves.

10. No fulfilment

Unhappy people do not put in effort but like all humans, they have wants. Their wants remain unfulfilled always and that makes them even more unhappy. They don’t do much to change that.

11. Drinking too much

A night out with friends is fine, but if someone is into heavy drinking, chances are they are unhappy. They try hard to numb their pain. But it’s not going to last for long. Their health gets ruined. You can’t drown unhappiness unless you work on it.

12. Chronic pain

There’s a medical ailment called Chronic pain or exhaustion. Unhappy people will have their body responding to their unhappiness and make them feel really tired or in discomfort. It’s a symptom of their inner problems.

13. Weight problems

Unhappy people might have problems with their diet. They often miss their lunch and become weak, or they might want to fill them up more and become obese. There might be other reasons, but unhappiness can be one of them.

14. Overly Judgmental

People judge when they don’t want to be judged themselves. Unhappy people know that they are insecure and just so that they don’t become vulnerable, they start judging others. Looking down on others becomes their defense mechanism.

15. Endless Waiting

Unhappy people stay in their state without working on it. They wait for resolution, for luck to come in their favor. They complain, while other people try to make things happen.

If you see these signs in a loved one, know that they just might be unhappy. Talk to them, but remember you’re not a therapist. So if your loved one is really unhappy, tell them to go to a licensed therapist. It’s the best path to take.

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The post 15 Signs Of a Sad Person Hidden Behind a Happy Smile appeared first on Viral Hug.

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