A Christmas jumper featuring David Attenborough has arrived

Step aside Santa and move out of the way Rudolph – the true king of Christmas has arrived, and he doesn’t have a bushy, white beard or a red, shiny nose.

With Christmas Jumper Day just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what wacky, knitted creation you’re going to wear when it comes around.

What better way to show off your festive spirit than by wearing a jumper adorned with the face of one of the most jolly and widely beloved Brits around, Sir David Attenborough?

Yes, a David Attenborough Christmas jumper now exists, and it’s as glorious as you might expect.

Created by online retailer notjust, the ‘Attenbrrr’ jumper features a depiction of the broadcaster on the front, with a robin perched on his hand.

Motifs of the planet Earth also adorn the knitwear, in recognition of the naturalist’s incredible work on programmes such as BBC’s Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

The jumper is made from 100 per cent acrylic, is available in four sizes and is diligently manufactured, with the designs on the front and back taking 45 minutes to weave.

David Attenborough Christmas Jumper: Attenbrrr (notjust.shop)

This isn’t the first item of knitwear made by notjust to receive widespread attention.

Last year, Jeremy Corbyn was photographed with the ‘Jerry Christmas’ jumper that had been produced by the retailer, while Big Narstie was spotted wearing ‘The Royal Wedding FA Cup Scarf’ featuring the faces of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While notjust has become known for creating innovative, festive garments, the UK-based company also makes strong efforts to support worthy causes.

A year since the company’s launch, notjust has raised more than £7,000 for charities Save The Children and Mind.

Furthermore, this year for every jumper that it sells, the retailer will be donating a jumper to the homeless.

“We’re a small team of creatives, committed to driving positive impact,” the company writes.

Alpha male chimp known as ‘Dave’ from David Attenborough’s new BBC programme Dynasties

“We design and release tongue-in-cheek topical products in the UK and support causes close to our hearts in the process.”

The David Attenborough Christmas jumper has already proven popular, with Lorraine Kelly displaying the knitwear on her ITV chat show Lorraine yesterday.

Notjust has a variety of other Christmas jumpers on offer on its site, featuring the likes of Danny Dyer, Donald Trump as the Grinch and a design inspired by Gareth Southgate’s famous waistcoat look.

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