Fiona Bruce is not the only shake-up required at Question Time

I must congratulate Fiona Bruce on her appointment as the new presenter of Question Time. A splendid choice.

Just one request, please. Could you do your level best to ensure that Nigel Farage does not appear on the show – it certainly feels like it, if not in reality – every third week?

Robert Boston

Dirty tactics to get the deal done

The government is threatening No Deal chaos, and has also been deliberately alarming NHS patients to put the frighteners on its MPs to support May’s deal.

But we all know that the one option MPs will be sensible enough not to vote for is No Deal, with its disastrous consequences which will endure for much longer than six months.

May is not only incompetent and naive, but has been shameless in her politicking (from the DUP bribe onwards) to get her hopeless deal, which pleases no one, accepted by parliament.

Gavin Turner

Theresa May will carry on – it’s written in the stars

From my 30 plus years’ research on astrology, typical Librans such as Theresa May communicate well and thrive on pleasant partnerships and compromises. Her predecessor, David Cameron, another Libran, departed smartly to avoid the expected unpleasantness. 

Will Ms May survive? As a fiery Monkey, she might well have tricks up her sleeve, as Monkeys are deemed unsinkable. Her Taurean Moon (subconscious influence) will give her the useful mental resilience she now needs.

Y Kwan Loo, author of “Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships and Careers”

Violence will only be met with violence 

Republicans in Washington who are working themselves into a lather over the murder of one Arab journalist should try and exhibit similar emotions over gun laws that cause the mass slaughter of thousands of their fellow citizens each year.  

Adrian Marlowe
The Hague, Netherlands

May I just add…

Your journalist has missed the most revolutionary device from her list of innovations; the period cup. This is a reusable silicon “container” that replaces a tampon, it can last for up to 10 hours, then be removed, washed and reinserted. They cost less than 10 pounds and have a very long life.

Anne Robson
Address supplied

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The solution is waiting for us

I share the Independent’s optimism on climate change. Burning coal is the main culprit and there is a carbon neutral, or even carbon negative — if combined with carbon capture or carbon recycling into biofuel — alternative. Algae, whether intentionally grown on wastewater or directly harvested from some of the world’s massive algal dead zones, can be pressed into pellets or bricks and burned in solid fuel power plants as “green” coal.

Thomas Sullivan
Vineyard Haven, MA

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