People share what they treasure most about their loved ones in heartwarming Twitter thread

What do you cherish most about your loved ones?

Perhaps it’s the way that they recite the dialogue of their favourite film word-for-word, or maybe it’s how they say hello to every dog that passes them by.

Young adult novelist Rachel Griffin posed the question to her followers on Twitter, with the tweet sparking a viral conversation about treasuring the little moments in life with the people that you care about most.

“Twitter, tell me something random about a person you love that makes you smile every time you think of it,” she wrote.

“Mine is that whenever my husband sees a dragonfly, he watches in amazement and says in a tone of respect, ‘They’re such accomplished fliers.’”

Griffin received a flood of responses, with people revealing sweet anecdotes about their parents, children, partners and more.

“My dad called me from the top of the Eiffel Tower when he and my mum went to Paris. He said it was so I could be there with them,” one person wrote. 

“I smile every time I see a photo of the Tower now because of that moment.”

“Each time my daughter sees a dog being walked by its owner, she stops and says, ‘Aww, that dog looks so happy’. She’s so delighted by their joy. She’s 16,” someone else wrote. 

Another person explained how she’d always been perplexed as to why her microwave always stopped its timer two seconds before it was due to end, before finding out that her husband had set it that way for a particular reason.

“I learned that my husband didn’t want his heating up his breakfast to wake me up so he’d stop it just before it dinged. He’s a keeper,” she wrote. 

One person explained that his wife has a peculiar habit that she does every now and then when she’s making an entrance.

“My 45-year-old wife occasionally does a ninja kick when she enters a room,” he wrote.

“Not all the time (that would be crazy) but enough to keep you on your toes.”

Griffin later expressed her thanks to everyone who shared their unique stories.

“All of these stories have totally brightened my day, thank you so much for sharing them,” she said.

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