Strictly come dancing: 5 pairs enter Week 12 as Stacey Dooley and Joe Sugg look like shoe-ins for the final

More hotly anticipated than a second referendum, the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final is now upon us.

Everyone is exhausted, as the five remaining couples have been busy preparing two routines each for Saturday night: a ballroom number and a Latin routine. It’s all so that nobody can complain they missed out on the finale because they got a duff dance (as happened to Charles Venn with the rumba last weekend…).

Ashley Roberts has been the talk of the town lately, after finding herself in in the bottom two yet again: some say she’s got too much dance experience, others can’t believe she’s losing out to Lauren Steadman. She certainly looked gutted, but you can’t keep a Pussycat Doll down (not even with an endless series of yoghurt ads) – Ashley’s coming back fighting.

Her big band American Smooth to Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” will ooze old-school glamour, while she’s in safe hands for her Paso Doble – Pasha’s the only pro ever to have snagged a perfect 40 for that dance.

With Stacey Dooley and Joe Sugg winning over both the judges and the public, it feels like they are shoe-ins for the final. There’ll certainly be FURY on Twitter if either of them gets knocked out now. Stacey’s banking on the Charleston, the dance that made her want to sign up for the series in the first place, while Joe will be getting grisly with an Argentine Tango. Both will perform Viennese Waltzes too.

Meanwhile, it’s a game of two halves for Faye Tozer, who has nothing good to say about her samba rehearsals, but has lucked out by drawing a crowd-pleasing Argentine Tango to traditional music – if that doesn’t get Brrrrruno falling off his chair, nothing will.

As for the surprise people’s champion Lauren Steadman, she’s got another tricky samba, plus a ballroom Tango, which, if you saw her Argentine Tango, you’ll know is bad news. It doesn’t seem to matter what she does on the floor though, she’s dance-off kryptonite.

Follow along with all the latest updates from the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final below.

Strictly Come Dancing starts at 6.35pm tonight on BBC One.

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